Kids afternoons during the summer!


Come play & draw! And join the Markthal Treasure Hunt!

It is summer vacation! Markthal has a program especially for the children: the Kids Afternoon. Every Wednesday afternoon during the summer holidays, children can come and play and come to draw.

Biggest coloring page of Rotterdam
Children can weekly color together to a real Rotterdam Color Plate. Every week there is a different coloring page, the different coloring pages together make the Color Plate Rotterdam.
Games afternoon
Unit 116 has been converted into a games room every Wednesday afternoon. Here you play Twister, you can play dams, play with your friends or just chill out.

Market Hall Treasure Hunt
Do you help Nabil and Layla? They go cooking for friends and need everything from the hall. Send the answers of the search to, we have a nice prize every week.
Do you want to work for your friends? You can find a recipe to make iced tea yourself.  The Markthal Treasure Hunt is available in the Market Hall starting Tuesday 17 July.


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