Restaurant & Cafe Firma Pickles at Markthal shopping mall

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Monday till Sunday 11:00 – 00:00 


+31 10 413 96 83
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Firma Pickles

Pickles was founded in 2013 by Niels van Nieuwenhuizen & Joris Visser. With four shops and a foodtruck, the hamburgers have become iconic in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, philosophy has not changed. At Pickles, you can taste the best burgers and wines in a friendly atmosphere. You can’t book because there is always a place. And if not, you can eat at the bar. That makes an evening at Pickles an experience in itself. Company Pickles is a burger restaurant and wine bar in one. You can eat a hamburger anywhere in the world, but in a few places they are served with a good glass of wine. That's why we provide both of  them at Pickles.

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Monday - Thrusday & Saturday.: 10.00-20.00
Friday.: 10.00-21.00
Sunday .: 12.00-18.00

Phone : +31 30 234 64 64
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