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55 Bombay Street

Who we are?

55 Bombay street was founded by Rani and Kamal. Rani was born in India and settled in Netherlands from an early age. She kept a passion for Indian food. She is specialized in the famous dish:  Vegetarian Samosa. Now, it’s a reference at the 55 Bombay street.

Kamal was born in Rotterdam. Indian food has attracted him for the conviviality and the hospitality. 55 Bombay street is an unforgettable experience, which allowed to have a trip on the street and the Indian culture. The restaurant's products are vegetarian and home-made on a traditional basis. The different products and spices will cause an explosion of savor. The main specialties of 55 Bombay street food are Samosa, Chai and lassi mango.


  1. The samosa: The samosa is a crispy vegetarian pancake garnished by: Chutneys, spices, chickpeas, pomegranate, red onions and green pepper.
  2.  Chai: Chai is a traditional tea, which has a very important place in the Indian culture. This very tasty hot drink brings peace and energy thanks to different spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom etc.
  3.  Mango Lassi: This very popular drink in India can be compared to a smoothie. It is composed of yogurt, mango, turmeric, mint etc.


Find 55 Bombay street at unit 55. 

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