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+31 61 506 67 08
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Casa Reinders


Casa Reinders is a small family business that started in 2011 with selling fresh mushrooms and seasonal products at markets. They have different markets in;


Throughout the years Casa Reinders expended their selection of product and became more and more a deli shop. They sell more than 50 kinds of cured meat from different countries as: France, Italy and Spain. They also have more than 20 flavors of balsamic vinagers and olive oils, canned fish from Portugal and other deli’s.


Delicacies can be used at different times during the day. The wild or dried mushrooms of Casa Reinders are perfect for a special lunch or in a salad. Beside all the tasty ingredients can also be used for particular tasty pasta or a risotto.


At Casa Reinders pure and sustainable is leading. Pure flavors and real product that have been produced in responsible ways and you can taste that in everything.

The name says it all, good food is delicious and honest.

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Monday - Thrusday & Saturday.: 10.00-20.00
Friday.: 10.00-21.00
Sunday .: 12.00-18.00

Phone : +31 30 234 64 64
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