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Monday   10.00-20.00 | Tuesday   10.00-20.00 | Wednesday   10.00-20.00 | Thursday   10.00-20.00 | Friday   10.00-21.00 | Saturday   10.00-20.00 | Sunday   12.00-18.00 |         Unit   15  

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Sally's Salads

Sally's salads is a salad bar that allowed to eat healthy and quickly. You can choose between a dozen tasty ingredients, without additives or sweeteners, delivered every day. To make your salad, it’s simple: choose your salad bowl, your ingredients and your sauce!

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Opening hours

Monday - Thrusday & Saturday.: 10.00-20.00
Friday.: 10.00-21.00
Sunday .: 12.00-18.00

Phone : +0302346486
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