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The Duck Truck

In 2015 I started my culinairy adventure by crossing the country with my foodtruck ‘The Duck Truck’. The perfect burger was born by my passion or food.
We serve our define duck burgers, consisting of confit canard, on populair festivals throughtout Holland.
I took on a new challenge by introducting Rotterdam to the best burger ‘on wheels’, down here at the Markthal.
Not only do we serve our exclusive burgers, you can step by for great teasty fries with lovely toppings as well!

The specialties we offer are all confit canard based. Exept for our vegetarian variant which is soy based. We preferbly work with local dutch products.
With every meal we serve we aim for perfection so that every customer gets what he/sh edeserves, a devine burger!
We mainly focus on the taste and quality of our products. This together with the customer experiance are our secret ingrediants to serve the perfect burger.


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Monday - Thrusday & Saturday.: 10.00-20.00
Friday.: 10.00-21.00
Sunday .: 12.00-18.00

Phone : +31 30 234 64 64
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