• Family services
  • Customer-oriented services
  • Health and Beauty
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Car maintenance
  • Bank and Insurance
  • Accessibility
  • Baby care room

    Vendor Washrooms has a Baby Care room. Vendor Washrooms is located at -1, accessible by elevator or escalator in the middle of the hall.

  • Lost & founds

    For lost & founds, you can go to the Security office, in the Marketmaster office.

  • Toilets

    In the Markthal you can use Vendor Washrooms. Vendor Washrooms is located at -1 and can be reached via escalator or elevator.

  • Defibrilator of AED

    Defibrillators or AEDs are available at various locations in the hall.

  • First aid kit

    The first aid kit is located in the Marketmaster office. The Marketmaster can be found via the entrance in the plinth next to Andalus Fish.

  • Parking

    You can find the entrance of the parking on the west of Markthal, where the Verlengde Nieuwstraat and Ds. Jan Scharpstraat cross.

  • Charging point for electric cars

    Our garages have parking spaces with charging points for electric cars.

  • Disabled parking space

    All our parking garages have parking spaces for disabled visitors. 

  • Bicycle storage

    East of Markthal, west of Blaak station.

  • Cash Machine

    The cash machine is accessible only during opening hours of Markthal. Albert Heijn cash machine is accessible during the opening hours that apply to them.


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