The Tijdtrap

The Tijdtrap:

The Tijdtrap is the archaeological exhibition in the parking garages in the Markthal. You can see the finds during the excavations prior to the construction of the Markthal. These are everyday utensils, which were used in the kitchen, the house or by several professions. Discover the origins of Rotterdam and travel 100 years back in the medieval period. What did archaeologists discover about the Rotta colony and what did the first new housing estate Westnieuwland look like? The exhibition can be found in the Markthal car parks, level -4, -3 and -2 and is free of charge. 

A thousand years back in time? Book a tour along De Tijdtrap.

In the middle of the Markthal you can find the archeology exhibition De Tijdtrap. During the tour you can explore the finds under the guidance of an archaeologist.


A tour lasts 60 minutes and is possible only on request. For more information and bookings, please contact De Tijdtrap,

Fotograaf: B. Czerwinski. 


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